Hundreds of heartfelt tributes pour in for CSGO as it prepares for slumber ahead of CS2

Hundreds of heartfelt tributes pour in for CSGO as it prepares for slumber ahead of CS2
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Hundreds of CSGO fans have flocked to Reddit to post their appreciation for their beloved CSGO as rumours swirl the game has reached the end of its life. The good news is that it’ll be replaced by CS2, with the new update heavily rumored to be launching imminently.

One fan wrote on the platform: “You will be missed. Just like I missed so many shots. All those ninja and zuse. Knife kills and jump deaths. Thank you.”

Another added: “Rest In Peace CSGO, 7.5K hours spent, it’s about time to move on, to CS2!”. While one fan wrote: “800 hrs here, started playing during covid 2020. Former 1.6 kid. Had a blast these past 3 yrs! Maybe I’ll make it out of silver in CS2 lol.”

Elswhere, fans have even made incredible video tributes to a game that was often the top of Steam charts and is one of the most loved games ever made. While I’ve not played much CSGO, because I am terrible at gaming, it’s hard not to be moved or appreciate the level of support and love the game has.

An image of CSGO taken from the official Steam page

In an age where there have been so many FPS challengers to the throne, CS has always come out on top. Even years after coming out, CSGO leaves where it belongs – at the top of the Steam charts. At the time of writing, there nearly 1,300,0000 gamers around the world are playing the game right now, according to the Steam charts – more than 10 times the number of those playing Starfield, one of this year’s largest launches.

The tributes follow an intense period of speculation that the new version of the game is set to drop imminently. You can check out the CS2 release time prediction in our handy guide.

CS2 was soft-launched into early access earlier this year, after an original announcement that the Counter Strike 2 release date would be Summer 2023. Now at the tail end of September, and summer now coming to end, it seems likely the wait for a new CS is over.

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