The Humble Indie Bundle V is now over. Done. Finito.

Still, what about the statistics? 598963 bundles were sold, bringing a total of $5,106,549.34 in cash money over the bundle's two-week running period.

The average purchase price was $8.53: Windows users paid $7.97 on average, Mac users dished out $9.99 and generous Linux users threw down $12.50.

The pay-what-you-want indie bundle contained Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, Limbo, Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Psychonauts. Users who paid above the average price were also treated to copies of Bastion, Lone Survivor, Braid and Super Meat Boy. Those are some excellent games.

By default, money would also go to the Childs Play and Electronic Frontier Foundation charities. If people paid the suggested values, over $1 million dollars were likely to have gone to charity from the bundle. You can take some comfort in that when you're crying yourself to sleep after playing the terrifying Amnesia.

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