How to make Divine Super Attack Potions on RuneScape

How to make Divine Super Attack Potions on RuneScape Staff Updated on by

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Whether you are on a quest or traipsing about the wilderness looking for fresh blood, a great way to ensure victory is with the Divine super attack potion. 

The Wildy is not for the faint-hearted, with many different foes, including other players lying in wait for the unexpected. Maybe it is you praying on the weak, either way, taking a few of these potions with you will temporarily increase your Attack level by 5 + 15%. These potions last for five minutes and could be the difference between life and death.

Drinking one of these potions will cost you 10 hitpoints and once it runs out, your boosted stats will go back down to their base level. If you find yourself having less than 11 hitpoints you will be unable to drink one of these, so make sure you time it wisely.

The Divine super attack potion costs around 3,400 coins at the moment but did you know you can make it yourself?

Before you get started you are going to need to craft or acquire Super attack potions. To make Super attack potions, you need an eye of newt on an irit potion (Unf), You’ll need 45 Herblore, yielding a super attack (3) and 100 Herblore experience.

Now you can craft the Divine super attack potion by using crystal dust on one of the super attack potions. This requires 70 herblore and mixing yields 0.5 herblore experience each dose.

The best way to get Crystal dust for these potions is by using your pestle and mortar on crystal shards, which will give you 10 dust per shard. This means that a single shard is enough for crafting two and a half full divine potions.

Alternatively, you could just buy gold for Runescape over at and fast-track your potion creation.