HMV will be offering the new 500GB 'Super Slim' PlayStation 3 in a bundle with FIFA 13, Gran Turismo 5 Academy Edition, Uncharted 3 Game of the Year Edition and a 2 metre HDMI cable for £259.99 when the console goes on sale this Friday, the retailer has told

The bundle offers an impressive saving: the 500GB console alone would normally set you back £249.99.

"We've seen some really encouraging interest in the new PS3 Slim 500GB - both in store and with good online pre-orders also," hmv's games buyer Mike Fethers told

"It helps that we're competitive on price, and we also have a great bundle deal lined up that we'll be announcing shortly, where for just £10 extra you get FIFA 13, Gran Turismo 5 Academy Edition, Uncharted 3 Game of The Year Edition as well as a 2 metre HDMI cable."

The latest model PS3, which was announced during last week's Tokyo Game Show, is 25 per cent slimmer than the current PS3 Slim and features a new top-loading disc mechanism.

But rather than setting a recommended retail price for the console - as it has done with its previous model PS3s - Sony has instead allowed retailers to dictate the price, sparking competition amongst different outlets.

Similar bundles are available at other retailers. HMV's, however, seems to offer the best value for money so far.

PS3 'Super Slim' launches this Friday, September 28. You can watch us get to grips with the unit in the video below.