Hitman Trilogy's edition of Blood Money features the same 50/60Hz HDMI issue which plagued the original Xbox 360 release, VideoGamer.com can confirm.

As with the 2006 Xbox 360 release, gamers may be required to perform a video workaround in order to get the game working on their high definition TV.


  • Connect your Xbox 360 using a component video cable
  • Set the switch on the cable to "TV"
  • Switch your Xbox 360 on
  • Go to your Xbox display settings and select PAL-60
  • On the component cable switch from TV to HD-TV
  • Switch off your Xbox 360
  • Connect your Xbox 360 using an HDMI cable (if you use one)
  • Switch on your Xbox 360
  • Launch Hitman Blood Money

The fix also works with composite cables, only you don't need to worry about switching between "TV" and "HD-TV".

Once performed you won't have to perform the fix again.

VideoGamer.com has contacted Square Enix for comment.