IO Interactive has revealed a themed Halloween event for Hitman 2, arriving today for all platforms as part of patch 2.71.0.

The Halloween event comes with an eerie Escalation Contract, though details are light on the ground. We do know it’s in the Hawke’s Bay and rewards the tactical wetsuit and bat shuriken for those brave enough to complete it. And Agent 47 seems to get a pumpkin head and a raggedy costume as part of the event, in case he wasn’t scary enough. 

Three Halloween-related Legacy Challenge Packs will touch down with the patch changes, and these also address improvements to Hitman 2, particularly focusing on Haven Island. The spooky season will reach its denouement with a new Elusive Target -- The Serial Killer -- on October 25. Players will have ten days to achieve this, and then a Challenge Pack -- Uninvited -- will pop up on October 31. This will offer the Red-Tie Kiwi as a reward.

Hitman 2 is out now for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

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