Hideo Kojima was working on a superhero game, similar to The Boys

Hideo Kojima was working on a superhero game, similar to The Boys
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Hideo Kojima has said that he was, at one stage, working on a superhero game that was similar to The Boys. That show is an Amazon Prime streaming series, all about superheroes that are bastards, and about the  people that want to keep them in check.

Kojima, speaking on Twitter, revealed:

“‘THE BOYS,’ which I quit after 3 episodes of season 1. Actually, I watched a few episodes that were delivered at the time when I was about to start a project that I had been warming up for a long time, and put it on hold because the concept was similar (different settings and tricks). A buddy (male/female) thing with a special detective squad facing off against legendary heroes behind the scenes. I was thinking of Mads as the lead.”

Hideo Kojima is, of course, popular for games such as Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding. (And he is popular for creating the Social Strand genre. Or, rather, he would like to be.) He refers in his tweet there, to “Mads,” meaning Mads Mikkelsen, whom he worked with in Death Stranding.

Kojima doesn’t mention if this super-heroic project may yet enter the light of day. He was in the news recently for showing up during the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase. He sprang up, said hello to Phil Spencer, and announced that he would be making a game for Xbox. And that said game was something that he has “always wanted to make.”