Free access to the complete Hero roster in Heroes of the Storm will be offered to all players this weekend, from January 13 at 6pm GMT until the same time on January 16, Blizzard has announced.

2016 saw Heroes of the Storm expanded with 16 new Heroes, 24 major Hero updates, 49 new skins, 4 Legendary skins, 26 new mounts, 2 new Battlegrounds, a Battleground update, Ladder revamp, Ranked Seasons, personalized Stats, Unranked Draft mode, MVP and Commendations, a new Heroes Brawl game mode, and more.

Check out all the content in the trailer below.

Heroes of the Storm is free to play with a rotating roster of Heroes available to all players. Should you wish to have permanent access to a specific Hero this character will need to be purchased.

Source: Blizzard