Helldivers 2 hackers are somehow using unreleased stratagems, including a deployable Defense Wall

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Whether wildly popular or not, every live-service game needs a constant stream of fresh content to keep players coming back, and Helldivers 2 is no different. Even though there are already a ton of weapons and stratagems you can play around with, Arrowhead Game Studios is constantly thinking up new goodies to bring to the game (like the divisive Emancipator Exosuit). Unfortunately, patience isn’t a strong suit for most players, as some hackers are already using unreleased stratagems in matches.

Over on Reddit, u/Actual_Dog_526 became an unwitting witness to a hacker’s exploits after an unnamed player used two upcoming stratagems called the Defense Wall and the Commando. Based on the images provided, the former is just as its name implies—it’s a five-foot rectangular steel wall that you can duck behind for cover. It also has a mounted assault rifle you can use to pepper oncoming hordes with bullets, so you can use it in defending and assaulting objectives.

On the other hand, the Commando is a rocket launcher support weapon equipped with four high-powered homing missiles and a laser sight for easier target acquisition. According to the same Helldivers 2 subreddit post, it will also apparently be similar to the Expendable Anti-Tank—once you’ve used up all four missiles, you won’t be able to reload it. Despite its ammo limitation, this weapon will undoubtedly be helpful when taking on clumped-up Automaton and Terminid hordes.

Now, before you start spreading the news to your Super Earth neighbors, it’s worth keeping in mind that these stratagems haven’t been confirmed by the devs yet. If these do end up getting released in the future, they may end up being completely different. So, for now, we recommend taking these leaks (no matter how realistic) with a grain of salt until you actually get to see them in-game.

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