In Ninja Theory's latest dev diary, the studio announced that Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice has 'exceeded' the developer's expectations and is 'approaching 500,000 units' sold in just three months.

At the beginning of the video below you can see the critical praise the studio received for the game leading chief creative ninja Tameem Antoniades to say that 'Creatively, we hit a home run, but our other major goal was to prove that there was a space between indie and AAA games that could work commercially and for that, sales do matter.'

'In the first week we sold an amazing 250,000 units across PlayStation 4 and PC at $30,' product development ninja Dominic Matthews stated before adding that Ninja Theory is 'now approaching 500,000 units [sold], which puts us beyond our break even and into profit'

Antoniades said 'the game exceeded our expectations because we weren't expecting to break even for nine months, and we cleared it in three.' The second half of the video outlines how they went about doing this by keeping the team small, and getting the price point of Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice spot on.

It's a really interesting watch, and proves that there is room for mid-tier video games.

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