Has next Warzone map just been spotted in the latest Modern Warfare 3 trailer?

Has next Warzone map just been spotted in the latest Modern Warfare 3 trailer?
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It appears the next Warzone map has made an appearance in the latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 trailer. The footage, which was revealed as part of the Call of Duty multiplayer trailer, shows a number of vehicles in what looks like a new map.

We fully expected a new map to come to the game, after an initial post from Call of Duty on X which appeared to show a small glimpse of the new map coming to the game along with the words ‘new map premiere’. Sadly for those expecting Warzone 3, this doesn’t appear to be happening, at least for now.

New Warzone map images

We’ve collected a number of images from the trailer so you can see for yourself. The images show that the new map has mountainous areas, perfect for sniping, and looks more lush than the current Warzone 2 Al Mazrah map. Elsewhere, there seem to be a large rocket – which could well be a nuclear missle, that can be seen launching, while large conifers suggest the map is moving away from the dusty desert setting.

In the distance, you’re able to see a bridge and a large settlement, so we can expect to see urban warfare play a big part in the next Warzone map.

New Warzone map
The new Warzone map appears to show a rocket being launched

We also caught a glimpse of the vehicles, which include tanks and an ATV. Helicopters once again return and will be useable in the map, although we haven’t had any confirmation of new vehicles yet from Activision. There is also no confirmation of the map size and how it compares to Al Mazrah, although we fully expect large areas of water for naval warfare.

There is also no news yet as to whether this will replace Al Mazrah or if the Al Mazrah map will still be playable for at least a limited time. We will likely find this out in the COD Next event that takes place later this week.

New Warzone map buildings
A city appears to be in the backgroung, suggesting urban warfare will play a large role

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