Happy Wars, a large-scale multiplayer action game for up to 30 players, has been announced as the Xbox 360's first game using a free-to-play model.

Set for release this autumn for all Xbox LIVE Gold members, Happy Wars will see players from around the world engaging in castle siege and magic spell battle action in fantasy world settings.

Players will be able to buy items for their character to flaunt your originality on the field of valour.

Key Features

  • Download and enjoy the game for free with your Xbox LIVE Gold Membership.
  • Team work is the key to victory in online play. Turn the course of battle through powerful Team Skills you can launch with your team mates!
  • Customize your character using items obtained in the game. You can also combine items to increase their power!
  • In addition to online competitions, you can also enjoy cooperative play with team mates to fight a quirky troop of bots, or individually work your way through missions in the single-player campaign mode.
  • Regular releases of even more items and character customization parts are planned following release of the game.