Halo TV series arrives on Paramount Plus in March, here’s the latest trailer

Halo TV series arrives on Paramount Plus in March, here’s the latest trailer
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The upcoming live-action Halo TV series has announced its premiere date on streaming service Paramount Plus alongside its latest trailer.

The trailer’s footage gives us our latest look at Pablo Schreiber’s Master Chief, who we last saw in December. However, perhaps most even more excitingly, it offered us our first proper look at the Covenant & Chief’s AI companion Cortana. Jen Taylor isn’t just providing her voice from the game, but her likeness as well.

A post on the Halo Waypoint blog last week also offered up some extra details. Specifically, that the series will take place in a separate timeline from the games known as the Silver Timeline. “To tell the best Halo stories we can, we want to protect the integrity, simplicity, and future of the core canon, but also not be limited by it when faced with the realities of a new medium and the process of production. As a result, we made the decision to set the Halo television series in an authentic, but independent timeline.”

The name, if you’re curious, comes from the name of the Silver Fireteam who’ll be accompanying Chief on this journey. They comprise of Riz-028, Kai-125 and Vannak-134 and we’ll be learning more about them as the series goes on. We’ve also got a good look at Natascha McElhone’s Dr. Halsey, and another mysterious woman who may or may not have some ties to the Covenant.

Sadly, at the time of writing, there’s still no UK broadcaster and date for the show. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before it makes its way over here. Until then, the Halo TV series will debut on Paramount Plus in the US on March 24.