Joystiq is reporting that the rumoured Halo: Combat Evolved remake for the Xbox 360 is indeed happening, and will hit stores this November to mark the series' 10-year anniversary.

According to sources the remake isn't simply Halo running at a higher resolution, instead being reworked with new art assets. The game won't utilise the Halo: Reach engine.

Slightly worrying is news that it's being handled by Saber Interactive, the studio behind the disappointing TimeShift - although it is also working on the promising looking Inversion for Namco Bandai.

The remake is reported to run in 1080p, support 3D TVs and include online co-op.

Let's face it. Even if this was a straight up crisp HD version of Halo, millions of gamers would be all over it. Hopefully the talk of redone art assets is true and we end up with a game that can stand shoulder to shoulder with new releases.