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Halo: Reach pushing Xbox 360 ‘as far as it will go’

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Developer Bungie is pushing the Xbox 360 “as far as it can go” with hotly anticipated FPS Halo: Reach.

Speaking in an interview with EDGE, creative director Marcus Lehto said the ex-Microsoft-owned studio is “taking every advantage of everything on the CPU and GPU, and every bit of memory in order to produce the look of Reach beyond anything of Halo 3”.

Following the release of Halo 3: ODST, which was built on the Halo 3 engine, many fans expect Reach to bring with it a significant graphical upgrade.

“We’re pushing it as far as we can go,” said Lehto. “With every iteration we understand what more we can exploit with the hardware.”

Lehto also said that the differences between Halo, which he described as an “organic” experience, and “the fully scripted” Uncharted, adds replayability to the record-breaking sci-fi series.

“The difference between the fully scripted experience, like Uncharted, or the organic experience you can receive in a Halo game speaks to its longevity”, he said.

“You can keep playing singleplayer missions over and over again and get a different experience. And it’s certainly the case for multiplayer, which plays for years and years.”

The Halo: Reach multiplayer beta will begin in spring 2010, ahead of the game’s autumn 2010 release. Access to the beta is granted exclusively through Halo 3: ODST.

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