Daybreak Game Company has announced in a blog post that H1Z1: Just Survive has received a new update,available now, which brings a number of new features including base-building, a new world map and, er, changing the name of the game. You’ve read that correctly. H1Z1 will now be known as Just Survive. The name change was decided on as a means of separating the game from the H1Z1 universe, according to the developer. 

The new world map is called Badwater Canyon, and has been ‘designed with multiple styles of gameplay in mind’. The map will have ‘target loot distribution, strategic verticality, [and] exploration opportunities’. Badwater Canyon has begun its phased worldwide rollout as it replaces the old map from the game.

Amongst the new features being implemented are fully customisable base-building options these are now called Strongholds where players can ‘build robust structures and fortify them with an array of defences and traps’ to keep the undead away. The update will also completely rework the game’s combat and weaponry with developer Daybreak stating that ‘all weapons have been rebuilt from scratch’ and they’ve undergone ‘fine-tuning’ to ‘look and feel unique’.

You can read more about the changes made to H1… Just Survive on its website.