The Lost Shores, the second major content update for Guild Wars 2 since its launch, will roll out on November 15 at 5pm GMT, NCSOFT and ArenaNet have announced.

The mini expansion will offer new features, highlighted by a massive multi-stage, one-time event that is claimed to forever change the world of Guild Wars 2.

Features include:

  • A mysterious zone to explore, accessible to all players regardless of level
  • A challenging new dungeon to conquer
  • A new PvP map set within a Kodan dojo
  • New gear to acquire, ranging from additional weapons skins to item enhancements to an additional tier of items between Exotic and Legendary.
  • Crafting updates including a new resource to harvest and 200 new recipes
  • A one-time in-game event that will forever leave its mark on the world of Tyria, starting Friday, November 16 at 8pm GMT and ending Monday, November 19 at 6am GMT.

Guild Wars 2 is also inviting players to invite friends to join in, with a refer-a-friend trial period running November 15-18. The update also introduces questing to Guild Wars 2, making it possible for players to explore Tyria with friends on a different server free of charge without the need for a home world transfer.

Source: Press release