GTA Online Weekly Update for January 18 includes massive discount to a deadly melee weapon

GTA Online Weekly Update for January 18 includes massive discount to a deadly melee weapon
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The world of Grand Theft Auto has always been dangerous and unpredictable, but the GTA Online weekly update remains a constant presence that you can always look forward to. Each patch that’s released brings a new set of in-game events, vehicles, and weapons, and this one is no different.

So if you want to know all that you can expect in the game, then here’s what’s new in GTA Online for the week commencing December 12, 2023. Of course, if you want to explore Los Santos without having to grind too hard, we recommend checking out our comprehensive GTA 5 cheats guide. Now that the festive season is here, we’d also suggest checking out our pages on how to play GTA Online solo and how to register as a CEO in GTA 5 Online so you can enjoy the game even more.

Thanks to the Rockstar Newswire and the Grand Theft Auto Online subreddit for the information.

GTA Online Weekly Update January 18

New Content

  • No new content this week

Weekly Challenges

  • Podium Vehicle –  Western Powersurge
  • Prize Ride Vehicle – Peyote Gasser
  • Prize Ride Challenge – LS Car Meet series; place Top 4 for three days in a row
  • Test Rides – Enus Stafford, Grotti Stinger, Progen Tyrus
  • Time Trial – Observatory


  • 2x GTA$ and RP on Collection Time
  • 2x GTA$ on Salvage Yard Daily Income

Luxury Autos

  • Declasse Vigero ZX Convertible
  • Karin Asterope GZ

Deluxe Motorsports

  • Albany Washington
  • Benefactor Schafter
  • Declasse Premier
  • Maibatsu Sanchez
  • Übermacht Zion


30% off

  • Enus Stafford
  • Grotti Stinger
  • Progen Tyrus

Gun Van Location (Changes Daily)

Gun Van Discounts:

  • Weapons:
    • Battle Axe (40%)
    • Battle Rifle (10%)
    • Homing Launcher (10%)
    • Precision Rifle (10%)
    • Widowmaker (10%) (40% for GTA+ members)
    • Assault Rifle (10%)
    • Carbine Rifle (10%)
  • Throwables
    • Pipe Bomb (10%)
    • Sticky Bomb (10%)
    • Tear Gas (10%)

Lastly, the bonuses for this month for being a GTA+ member include the following:

  • Access to Vinewood Club Garage (100-car garage)
  • Off White Pearl Chameleon Wheel Paint
  • Albany Cavalcade XL
  • Blue Rainbow Flip Chameleon Paint and the Off White Pearl Chameleon Paint.
  • Rockstar Atomic Logo Sweater
  • Western MC Jacket and Western MC Pants
  • New Year’s Jacket and New Year’s Pants
  • Exclusive taxi service (permanent GTA+ member perk)
  • Gun Van always blipped on map (permanent GTA+ member perk)
  • GTA$500,000 (permanent GTA+ member perk)
  • Free CEO/VIP abilities (permanent GTA+ member perk)
  • Free vehicle requests (permanent GTA+ member perk)
  • Members only Shark Card (permanent GTA+ member perk)

Those that aren’t permanent GTA+ member perks are only available until February 7, 2024, so make sure to claim them while you have the chance.

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GTA Online Weekly Update FAQs

What time does GTA Online weekly update?

The GTA Online weekly update is released every Thursday at 1 AM PT / 4 AM ET / 9 AM GMT.

What time is GTA weekly update PST?

The GTA weekly update goes live every Tuesday at 1 AM PST.