Grand Theft Auto Online's first Social Club Event Weekend will be going live later today until Sunday, November 24, Rockstar has announced.

The Vespucci Beach Party will offer a special Social Club Event Playlist consisting of ten of Rockstar's favourite jobs from this week's free Beach Bum Pack DLC. The top 10 players on each platform will also be rewarded with a "special vanity license plate reward" to commemorate the event.

In addition, special Event Crate Drops will be dropping into Free Roam worlds throughout the weekend containing high-powered weapons, bonus cash, clothing and "more than double the usual amount of RP".

"We look forward to seeing you all in the Playlists causing bucketloads of carnage up and down the coastline," says Rockstar. "Stay tuned as this is just the first of many Grand Theft Auto Online Social Club Events that will be happening regularly in the months to come."

Source: Rockstar Press Release