The Grand Theft Auto series of video games has shipped more than 100 million units worldwide, a new report from Take-Two has revealed. The data, which runs through to February 19, 2011, also puts lifetime shipments of GTA IV at just shy of 20 million units.

Other big franchises for the publisher include Midnight Club (almost 18 million units shipped), Civilization (more than 10 million units shipped), BioShock (more than 8 million shipped), Red Dead Redemption (more than 8 million units shipped), Max Payne (more than 7 million units shipped), Mafia (almost 5 million units shipped) and Borderlands (almost 4 million units shipped).

The publisher also stated that it has released seven new franchises since 2007 and has 16 internally owned million-unit franchises.

While a new GTA game has been rumoured for some time, the success of the Midnight Club series would suggest we'll be seeing another entry from the racing franchise in the not too distant future. A Borderlands sequel must be on the cards too.