A variety of Grand Theft Auto 5 avatar items are now available to purchase on Xbox LIVE Marketplace, offering GTA fans the chance to download a virtual Chop for their Xbox avatar, strap themselves into the game's rainbow-coloured parachute or dress as an FIB Agent.

The items range in price between 240 MSP (£2.04) and 320 MSP (£2.72), and while avatar items wouldn't normally leave us impressed, the parachute prop is fairly entertaining.

You can preview each item on your avatar by heading over to Xbox.com.

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Full list of GTA 5 avatar content:

  • Chop Prop - 240 MSP
  • Parachute Prop - 240 MSP
  • Abseiling Outfit - 320 MSP
  • Bugstar Outfit - 320 MSP
  • FIB Outfit - 320 MSP
  • Scuba Outfit - 320 MSP

Source: Xbox.com