Copies of Grand Theft Auto 5 are being shipped to North American retailers over two weeks in advance of its official release, according to photos posted on Reddit.

Photographs of shipping pallets said to contain Xbox 360 copies of the game were posted to the site by an alleged warehouse employee, who claims that they're all due to be sent to retailer Target.

"We were told we were shipping high dollar DVD shippers today, 71 of them to be exact," wrote Reddit user meunbear. "I wanted to see what new release we were shipping today...

"Someone else was curious and ripped open one for me. The store sorting label confirmed that they were XBox 360 games inside. PS3 will probably be shipped another day."

Though meunbear failed to post a photo of the actual copies, one of the alleged containers appears to contain marketing material for the game.

"I see a lot of pre-release stuff, so I get temptations in my head, but the fact that I need the job, there's cameras everywhere, and the store knows how many they are supposed to get, gets in my way," meunbear added. "Sometimes I hate being so responsible."

Rockstar announced that GTA 5 had gone gold last weekend and released a brand new 60 second trailer yesterday. The game is due to release across Europe and North America on September 17.