UPDATE: The preload has now been brought forward to 3pm BST on Sunday, September 15.

ORIGINAL STORY: Grand Theft Auto 5 will finally be available to preload on PSN from Monday, September 16, a Sony online support coordinator has confirmed on the official PlayStation Forum.

"I can confirm that GTA V will be available to pre-download on Monday the 16th September," wrote the post.

"I will try to find out why the date has changed but it's confirmed that the pre-download will be on the 16th."

PlayStation gamers had expected to be given preload access to the game today, and the delay hasn't been well received.

"Thanks for TAKING as [sic] for FOOLS!!! You said on the 13th WE WANT IT ON THE 13TH. Most of us preordered from PSN because we could preload it on the 13th," wrote one gamer. "I didn't top up my account with 50pounds just so you can SCAM ME! I want my money BACK!"

Another wrote: "First time pre-ordering digitally and the last time. What a *****ing shambles Sony. No point in asking for the £50 back from my wallet I guess. Thats the part of the deal you will hold up - no refunds."

The problem appears to be that the large 18GB game is expected to take many hours to download, especially for gamers with slower internet connections. Many are now concerned they won't be able to download the game in time for the midnight launch on September 17.

Source: PlayStation Forums