Grand Theft Auto 5 has already sold more copies in the UK than Grand Theft Auto 4 achieved across its total lifetime, Chart-Track reports.

The impressive sales mean that GTA 5 is now the UK's twelfth biggest-selling game of all time and the fifth highest earner, with total revenue almost equalling that of the original Call of Duty: Black Ops.

GTA 5 launched less than three weeks ago on September 17, pulling in over $1 billion worth of revenue within its first 72 hours on sale.

However, the game's extraordinary week one sales have meant that it's struggled to fend off competition in later weeks, placing at no.2 in the UK games charts behind FIFA 14.

GTA 4 has sold over 25 million copies worldwide following its launch in 2008. Sales figures for GTA 5 have yet to be officially released.

Source: GfK Chart-Track