Sony Computer Entertainment America producer Taku Imasaki has announced that a new update for Gran Turismo 5: Prologue is now available. The update adds three new vehicles, plus a number of gameplay and performance enhancements.

New vehicles include the GT by Citroen, a concept car which is a result of a groundbreaking collaboration between Citroen and Polyphony Digital. A video of the new car is available on Gran Turismo TV.

The two other new cars are the Ferrari California and the Lotus Evora. The GT by Citroen is available for 1 Million credits; the Ferrari California will go for 300,000 credits; the Lotus Evora for 100,000. Each will be found at their respective dealerships.

The update also includes a bunch of gameplay enhancements, designed to improve the racing experience in GT5: Prologue. These include changes to the penalty system (during Time Trial events, speed penalties have been removed, and instead incurring such a penalty now invalidates the lap time for that particular lap), tweaked difficulty levels and increased earnings for Race events, improved responsiveness when using the wireless controller and improved sound volume balance for sound effects and music. Drift Trial races have also been modified to include a rolling start.

All this new stuff is free but does come at a cost: rankings, arcade time trial times, drift trial records, as well as vehicle-specific quick tune settings and custom key layouts will all be reset with the new update. Additionally, replay data created before the second update will no longer be viewable after the update.

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