In a move that may equally anger and shock gamers. Sony have revealed that the much anticipated Gran Turismo 4 will not feature any online play when it ships the first week of December in Japan, followed by a US and European release a few weeks later.

While online compatibility is still only used by a small percentage of gamers, online play has been one of the key features of the new game since it was announced. In a move similar to what Sega did with Sega GT on the Xbox, Polyphony Digital is working on an online Gran Turismo title for release in 2005. If this shares the Gran Turismo 4 name, it will be the third title to be released under the same title. We can only hope that it will release at a budget price.

This news is unlikely to considerably affect sales of the game, but will give Microsoft's Forza Motor sport a helping hand, itself including a plethora of online functionality that MS will undoubtedly make gamers aware of.

Look for more news on Gran Turismo 4 and the in development online version in the coming months.

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