Polyphony Digital has finally confirmed the release date for its first PS4 title Gran Turismo Sport in a brief new trailer. It’ll be released on October 18. Perhaps this one is for real?

Gran Turismo Sport was originally planned for a release inNovember 2016, and even had its beta cancelled in order to avoid it being delayed. It was then delayed to this year. However, it seems that the driving gods have been eager to bestow gifts upon us by giving us a date of October 18.

Gran Turismo Sport was first shown last May, and to be fairly blunt it didn’t look great. It seems that the extra time in development has paid dividends, with GTS making a decent showing at E3 and a new focus on online community based driving, with backing from the FIA. It'll be interesting to see how it does against Project Cars 2, which also looks pretty damn good.

So there you have it, Gran Turismo Sport is finally coming out. It will release on October 18 on PS4. Hurrah!