Gran Turismo 6 will be formerly unveiled within a matter of weeks, according to a report by CVG.

The site's comments were made in response to the unannounced racer being listed by a pair of retailers last night, who said that it "understands that Sony is weeks away from revealing its next Gran Turismo title".

Both US giant Newegg and Scandinavian retailer listed Gran Turismo 6 on their websites, with the latter listing the title for release on both PS3 and PS4.

CDON has since removed the PS4 listing, but the PS3 page remains visible in the retailer's search results.

According to reports, Newegg had initially listed the game for release on PS3 on November 28, 2013.

A PS3 release for Gran Turismo 6 was let slip by Sony Worldwide Studios VP Michael Denny in February, who said that the title would be "coming out on PlayStation 3 this year".

A Facebook blunder from Italian automobile company a month later, however, suggested that the game could be coming to PS4.

But with PlayStation 4 expected to release later this year alongside racing sim DriveClub, could the launch of GT6 on PS3 cannibalise sales of the new console and its big release?

Source: CVG,,