by on Feb 1, 2021

Goldeneye 007’s cancelled Xbox 360 port full gameplay footage emerges on YouTube

Footage from a full 2-hour playthrough of a cancelled Xbox remaster of classic Rare N64 FPS Goldeneye 007 has emerged online.

The footage was uploaded by 'Graslu00' (and spotted by Video Games Chronicle) who's made several Goldeneye 007 mod videos in the past and was also a beta tester on the Goldeneye Source fan project, who said in a follow up FAQ on their Twitter that though the footage was not obtained by an earlier leak, they couldn't say how they got hold of it.

The project was originally expected to release in 2008 on the Xbox 360, but although Microsoft and the game series' then-licence holders Activision and original publisher Nintendo had alledgedly agreed on a licensing deal, the plans ultimately collapsed as—again according to VGC—the games companies and Bond license holders EON could never agree on terms as per the game's composer Grant Kirkhope.

This isn't the first time footage of the Goldeneye 007 remaster has appeared online either, with about thirty minutes of the project emerging back in 2016, but this is the most complete look yet at what could have been. You can check out the 2-hour footage for yourself below.

The next James Bond game in the pipeline will be coming from Hitman devs IO Interactive in the form of their 'Project 007'



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