Ghostwire: Tokyo, the supernatural action-adventure game from Tango Gameworks, showed off its next-gen gameplay captured on the PlayStation 5 last night. 

The game’s interpretation of Tokyo is neon-soaked, and should be buzzing with life. Instead, the streets are abandoned, as 99 per cent of the population have been whisked away by a paranormal event. Yokai roam the city, from entities like Shiromoku, a “spirit of a young bride in a traditional white kimono who was unable to wed her lover,” to Amewarashi, a “paranormal entity in the form of a child wearing a raincoat that manifests due to its great sadness from being separated from his parents.” These creatures have invaded this plane of existence, and it’s down to the player and their newfound paranormal abilities to restore balance to the world. 

Not only are there spirits wandering the streets, but there are also mysterious people wearing “Hannya” masks. What their motivations are is unknown, and it appears that they will react to the player’s presence around the city. With “robust” combat mechanics, the player will oust the yokai from this world, deploying a range of devastating, otherworldly attacks depending on their foe. They will be able to choose whether they “cleanse, banish, and destroy” as they move about the city, which is a spooky hodgepodge of past and present. 

“Tango Gameworks is using the power of the PlayStation 5 to help them bring their unique vision of a supernaturally haunted Tokyo to life,” explained Anne Lewis, content manager for Bethesda, in a post to the PlayStation Blog. “Not only does the cutting-edge technology allow for a new level of visual fidelity, but the audio has been kicked up a notch, perfect for Tango Gameworks’ eerie Tokyo environments.” Furthermore, “every ability and character action” will trigger haptic feedback through the DualSense, immersing the player in the horror of Ghostwire: Tokyo. 

“We can’t wait for you to get your hands on the new controllers and play in this thrilling, unpredictable Tokyo where you’ll never know what’s going to happen next,” concluded Lewis. Ghostwire: Tokyo is coming to PC and PlayStation 5 in 2021. Watch the new trailer below. 


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