Ghost Trick demo out now

Ghost Trick demo out now
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Ghost Trick, Capcom’s spooky – and perennially delayed – DS adventuring puzzle game has received an online Flash demo courtesy of Nintendo, the game’s UK publisher.

But what’s Ghost Trick actually about? The game’s producer, Hironobu Takeshita, summed it up to earlier this year:

“The basic premise of the story is that you’re a dead guy; you wake up dead, and you realise you’re a ghost. But other than that you don’t remember anything else. So, your whole purpose in this game is to find out who you really are, who killed you, and why they killed you.”

The game is directed by Shu Takumi, who is most famous for his work masterminding the much-loved Ace Attorney series. Capcom released details of the latest Ace Attorney game last week.

Ghost Trick is due to be released for Nintendo DS on January 14, 2011.