by on Jul 4, 2018

Ghost of Tsushima won’t always be historically accurate, but it’s intentional

Sucker Punch has revealed that its PlayStation 4-exclusive slash-'em-up Ghost of Tsushima will intentionally shift away from historical accuracy when the need arises.

Speaking with GameSpot, game programmer Chris Zimmerman revealed that certain elements in the game's richly-detailed 13th century backdrop will be true to that period, with the developer having studied the titular island extensively. 

However, other aspects have been changed intentionally. One such example is the armour of the samurais themselves, which Zimmerman described as 'pretty jarry looking' compared to the fantasy image people have of the armour, which he says is more based on those from the 16th-18th century.

'The way I think about it is: we're going to deviate from historical truth, we just want to do it intentionally,' he said. 'A lot of the support we get from our friends from Sony in Japan, and our Japanese friends in Sony US, and all the cultural consultants we've assembled to help us do this stuff, is to make sure we don't deviate accidentally. There are things we are going to do that are different and we want to choose those wisely.'

'If you have an idea about what samurai look like or how they act or how they think we're going to give that to you. Most people's idea is really based on an idea of samurai which is really more of a 16th-, 17th-, 18th-century idea of samurai; 13th century, historically, is pretty different,' Zimmerman added.

Ghost of Tsushima has yet to attract a release date, but we know it's going to feature both a Photo Mode and Japanese dialogue options.


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Ghost of Tsushima

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