Ultra Ultra has revealed a new character trailer for its upcoming debut title, a third-person sci-fi adventure called Echo, giving us our first opportunity to hear the soothing tones of Jon Snow’s Wildling ex (and now dead) girlfriend, turned financially disgraced lawyer in The Good Fight, Rose Leslie.Leslie plays the game’s protagonist, En, as she tries to make sense of everything that’s happening. Dragon Age 2’s Hawke, Nick Boulton, is continually chastising En, as the patronisingly know-it-all voice of the sentient starship London.

In Echo, the player controls En in her mission to retrieve a long lost lifeform from a legendary location known as The Palace. As she embarks on this mission, she’s thrust into an uncomfortable, and untrusting relationship with London, and they’re forced to work together to find out what’s going on within The Palace, a malevolent and strange location. This bizarre structure, deep in the recesses of space, seems to be studying the movements of En and trying to halt her progress by creating deadly clones that know her every move.

Echo will be released on PC on September 19, with a PS4 release following shortly after.

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