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Frostpunk developer’s next game aims to be a next-gen release

11 Bit Studios, the developer of This War of Mine and Frostpunk, is working on a new game that will ‘very likely’ release for the next-generation consoles, Project Scarlett and PlayStation 5 (via Segment Next). 

11 Bit Studios has no chill. Drawing inspiration from the Siege of Sarajevo, This War of Mine is a survival strategy game in which players must look after their group of civilian survivors in the fictional city of Pogoren, Graznavia. The ceasefire happens at a random moment in the playthrough, so players must make morally difficult decisions in order to keep their group alive, avoid attacks from hostiles, and ward off starvation and disease. 

Frostpunk takes place in an alternate 19th century England beset by a volcanic winter. Players must maintain their city that is continually threatened by the freezing environment and dangerous storms. Resources are rare, and players may have to turn away refugees to look after their own, or implement child labour laws to keep the generators running.

Like I mentioned, no chill. Project 8 – the codename for 11 Bit Studios’ next game – will be in the same vein as these two games. Managing partner Pawel Miechowski has said it would be ‘an AA+ title with a message to share.’ He also said that Project 8 is pitching towards a next-gen release. ‘And yes, we’re aiming for PC and consoles and very likely we’re going to hit next-gen consoles,’ Miechowski explained. ‘Google Stadia is a different pair of shoes and we’ll see where this is going. We keep hands on the pulse.’

Not only this, but Project 8 will push the limits of the studio’s capabilities to deliver something special with its next game. ‘When we defined our philosophy of creating meaningful entertainment, our goal was to make games that are addicting, well-done gameplay-wise and at the same time having power to spread a message or provoke to thinking,’ Miechowski elaborated. 

‘With the next one, we want to raise the bar even higher not only when it comes to quality but also in terms of ability to be something more than a game,’ he revealed. Right now, 11 Bit Studios is toiling away on another DLC for Frostpunk. We likely won’t hear much more about Project 8 for some time, but this is an exciting update from the developer. 


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