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Fortnite’s Season 10 finale drew the entire game into a black hole

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Fortnite’s Season 10 finale confirmed that the world does end with a bang rather than a whimper, as the entire game was swallowed up by a black hole and is totally unplayable (via Eurogamer).

For the time being, at least. All throughout Season 10, there were signs that Fortnite was approaching an unprecedented finale from time-twisting Rift Zones that brought back historic locations and a mysterious Visitor working away on a temporal fix. A countdown culminated at  7.00pm BST on October 13 and the Visitor’s new ship took to the sky. As mentioned by their audio logs, six other Visitor variants from the different timelines appeared and destroyed the comet suspended above the Dusty Depot.

Hooray! Hang on. Then the ships and the meteor suddenly returned and slammed into the Zero Point, creating a massive explosion that threw players into the air. A black hole formed in the core of the island and everything was obliterated. Literally everything. The game is totally unplayable as its servers are offline, and all social channels have been deleted and replaced with either a blank image or the image of the black hole. 

Fortnite is gone. 

It’s not though, is it. Players have spotted numbers emitting from the black hole, and entering the Konami code while staring at the black hole will set up a game of Space Invaders with its own Fortnite flavour. At the time of writing — midday BST on October 14 — we don’t know when Fortnite is coming back. But we do have an inkling of why the end of Season 10 was so catastrophic. 


The battle royale could be getting a whole new map. Last month, dataminers discovered a list of 10 new locations, including names like ‘LazyLake’, ‘MountainMedow’, and ‘PowerPlant’. These are not and have never been places on the island, and the theory is corroborated by a leaked loading screen for Season 10. This shows characters waving to a battle bus that appears to be sailing off into the sunset. Said battle bus has now been dematerialised in a giant cosmic event but it could be an artistic, romantic representation of the destruction. You do you.

Epic Games has set up a livestream of the black hole, so stay tuned until whatever happens, happens. Gaze into the singularity below. 



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