Fortnite fans think Wilds update is prime candidate for Jurassic Park crossover

Fortnite fans think Wilds update is prime candidate for Jurassic Park crossover
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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 has now taken over gaming consoles everywhere and fans believe that the jungle-themed update makes it a prime candidate for a Jurassic Park crossover. Since the latest features included with this patch mostly revolve around new prehistoric-inspired objects, a collaboration with one of the most popular sci-fi film franchises of all-time would make it even more of a hit.

With the latest update now allowing you to learn how to ride raptors in Fortnite, introducing some of the more iconic dinosaurs from the movies themselves would surely entertain the fan base even further. Some players are even speculating that a Jurassic Park-themed skin is going to drop during the midseason update as the film was apparently referenced at one point in a recent preview.

According to a Reddit user named AwesomeGames23, they apparently noticed the allusion to Jurassic Park in Epic Games’ reveal trailer for the latest season. This led to them asking the community whether they think a collaboration with the critically acclaimed film franchise is in the works, to which one commenter said that “the movie is turning 30 this year so it would make sense.”

Another responder, on the other hand, noted that “this would be a huge, missed opportunity if they don’t do a collab with the franchise.” The same person would then go on to list the skins that they’d like so see appear with this hypothetical crossover, which naturally included most of the film’s main characters in Ian Malcolm, Owen Grady, Ellie Sattler, and Claire Dearing.

Of course, all of these statements are mere speculation at this point in time as Epic Games hasn’t provided any context as to what they plan on doing with Fortnite Wilds in the future. However, we do fully agree that it would be such a wasted opportunity if they don’t decide to capitalize on this with an exciting Jurassic Park crossover.

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