Fortnite v22.10 patch notes – Grapple Glove returns, Holo-Chests, Cobra DMR and more

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Epic Games has just detailed the first major update of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 Paradise, which will be live as soon as the game finishes today’s downtime.

In the update, you can find a new weapon, the return of the Grapple Gloves and the introduction of new Holo-Chests.

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Let’s dive into the update notes for Battle Royale mode, courtesy of Epic Games.

Fortnite v22.10 – Cobra DMR, Holo-Chests, Grapple Glove

First off, the normal DMR has been vaulted, and replaced with the Cobra DMR. The main difference is this version has a much faster fire rate – simple, but effective.

The next new addition is that of Holo-Chests. These are similar to your normal chests with one ‘key’ addition – pun intended. You can open them with the same keys found around the island as you’ve been using to open the Vaults. They also come in an Exotic flavour, requiring two keys to open.

Finally, the Grappling Glove returns – a favourite from last season, unvaulted for regular play. If you’ve never used one; just point at a hard surface and shoot to swing like Spider-Man. Be quick though, as they’ll be going away again in the next v22.20 update.

Fortnite v22.10 – Byte Quests, Super Level Styles, New Comms Wheel

Three more changes in this patch include new Byte Quests for anyone who’s bought the Nothing’s Gift Pickaxe from this season’s Battle Pass. Complete these quests and you can unlock new styles for the Pickaxe.

Then there’s the new Super Level Styles unlocked for the heroes in that same Battle Pass. Get past level 100 to unlock some bonus Celestial, Spectral and Auerelian styles for each character.

And lastly, the update also brings a new, updated Comms Wheel. Just hold down your ping button, and now you can give orders to your squadmates or AI followers – without having to use voice comms. Handy.

Here’s everything else in this week’s patch:

Fortnite v22.10 Patch Notes

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Boogie Bombs have been vaulted in both non-competitive and competitive playlists.
  • Most one-handed Pickaxes, such as the Gum Brawler and Tribute’s Flail, would previously equip by flying into the player’s hand. We’ve adjusted this to be a new equip animation in v22.10.
  • In case you missed it, we recently released a balance hotfix affecting EvoChrome Shotguns and EvoChrome Burst Rifles:
    • Their floor loot availability is now increased.
    • Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary versions can now be found in Chrome and regular Chests.
    • The damage needed to upgrade an EvoChrome weapon at each rarity tier is now greatly reduced.

Competitive Notes

  • The Grapple Glove is not included in competitive playlists.
  • In case you missed it, the Ranger Shotgun has recently been added to competitive playlists.

Major Bug Fixes

  • Players on controller are now able to consistently navigate the inventory with the left thumbstick.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the map to default to the Map tab even when previously closed on the Quests tab.
  • Lennox Rose’s hair no longer obstructs the reticle while crouching.
  • Players should no longer get stuck when phasing through Chrome-ified structures at Herald’s Sanctum.
  • Chrome-ified building pieces now lose their “on fire” visual effects when the fire has ended.
  • Fixed an issue that caused visual/screen effects from a Chrome Vortex to persist in specific circumstances.
  • The “Reset to last saved position” button in the HUD Layout Tool on mobile is again returning all buttons to the last saved position.
  • Fixed an issue involving hair clipping through headwear on several Outfits.
  • Blackheart’s Character indicator is again appearing on the minimap.
  • The Storm notification no longer appears towards the middle of the screen.

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