Fortnite Battle Royale is down.

Don't worry, though, because this is only because the latest patch for the game goes live today. Update 6.02 includes the new Limited Time Mode of Disco Domination, the Quad Launcher weapon, and the returning Skull Trooper skin.

The Quad Launcher allows players to decimate others by firing rockets at them, four in total before reload. Each rocket has an 80/84 base damage, with a 300 unit explosion radius.

The new LTM sounds like a decent bit of craic, as well. Two teams of 50 players battle it out for dancing supremacy by capturing the five dance floors dotted about the map. If the opposition team isn't present, you can start emoting on one of these DFs (that's what everyone's calling them, these days) with what your mother handed you and a disco ball will raise up from the middle of the floor, gaining control of that point for your team. For full details you can have a look at Epic's patch notes.

Your dance bar -- excellent -- raises with every captured dance floor. First team with a full dance bar -- still excellent -- wins.

And the Skull Trooper skin is back for you to be appropriately spooky over the Halloween period. Lovely.

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