Fortnite patch v12.10 reintroduces supply llamas and introduces the proximity mine

Fortnite patch v12.10 reintroduces supply llamas and introduces the proximity mine
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Fortnite patch v12.10 fixes bugs, reintroduces supply llamas, adds the proximity mine (via Fortnite Insider).

When Season 2 of Chapter 2 began, supply llamas were removed, among the numerous extras and updates. They’re back now, and whether their disappearance was intentional or unintentional isn’t clear. Anyway, players can expect to find the five loot llamas in the world from now on. 

Secondly, the proximity mine is a new item, and the community has already worked out lethal ways of lobbing them toward opponents. Proximity mines come in stacks of three, with a maximum of six mines. These deal 50 damage upon automatic detonation when an enemy walks past. The poor soul’s silhouette is visible through walls for a moment, which offers another opportunity to get the upper hand on the enemy player. In addition, hitting the mine with the pickaxe will throw it into the air, and swinging the pickaxe like a baseball bat will propel the mine in the direction of the swing. 

And, bugs have been exterminated. Experience point gain from experience coins should now appear in the experience point bar, and the map is minimisable even if it’s been bound to the directional pad. Teammate arrows will no longer be invisible in Team Rumble, and weak points will work. The big haul glider variant is now unlocking for players, and in splitscreen, player 1’s actions won’t interfere with player 2’s trigger button action.

It’s light on content, admittedly, but dataminers have been digging into the patch already and come across interesting discoveries. A heavy “slug fire” shotgun and legendary scoped assault rifle variant might be in the works, and emotes and wraps have also been found. A Rainbow Six Siege-esque weapon skin is also buried in patch v12.10, so there might be a crossover event in the near future.

Fortnite is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, and Android.