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Fortnite patch v10.30 brings back Greasy Grove and adds Moisty Palms

The Fortnite v10.20 content update is a beefy one, introducing two new Rift Zones, a limited time mode, and Item Shop voting to the toony battle royale.

A Rift Zone has brought Greasy Grove back to Fortnite, but not everything is as it seems. Durrr Burger is no more, and the mystical powers of the Rift Zone has caused Spicy Tacos to rain down from the sky. When the heavens open, the combatants have no choice but to succumb to the delicious smell of damp corn tortilla and dance with joy. Or something. But, boogieing on down means that players are invulnerable to damage and will regenerate health at 20 HP per second. Spicy Tacos can be swiped off of the ground for 10 HP and a brief increase in speed. In adherence to the five second rule, the Tacos will disappear, so grab ‘em while they’re hot.

Paradise Palms has now become Moisty Palms, and once entering the swampy town, players will transform into props when crouched. Hiding in plain sight, contenders will be able to aim down the sights to survey the area, but moving or using primary fire will break the illusion. 

Community Choice is a new feature that lets players vote on what they want to see in the Item Shop. By placing daily vote on an item that they would like to return, Epic Games will bring back time-limited items from previous seasons and allow players who missed out first time around to snag a coveted prize. At the end of the Community Choice countdown, all votes will be counted and the winner will arrive in the Item Shop, and the first Community Choice begins today.

In addition, Creative Mode has received four new Prefabs under the umbrella of ‘Heroes & Villains’. These offer a hero’s headquarters or a villain’s hideout, and new vending machines could be added to the safe houses. Munchies afflict us all, regardless of morality. There’s also a gizmo called the Class Device, that is described as a ‘highly configurable set of devices that allow you to create your own player classes with unique traits’. Vive la révolution.

You can read the patch notes in full here. Watch the Moisty Palms reveal trailer below.



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