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Fortnite is the latest game to get an Among Us-style Impostors mode from today

Fortnite Impostors
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It looks like ‘social deduction’ is the hot new genre, as now Fortnite Impostors has launched as a new mode for Fortnite from today.

The new mode is played with a maximum of ten players, with eight as Agents and two as Impostors. You’ll be transported to a new map known as The Bridge and must complete a series of tasks. These include calibrating chests and llamas, repairing the Battle Bus and more. You’ve got to finish as many as you can to win.

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Of course, during this time the Impostors are trying to sabotage your efforts. You’ve got to try and eliminate all the other players and not get voted out to win. You will have some help along the way in the form of three power ups. Disable Assignments buys you time by freezing the Agents’ progress. Teleport Players allows you to relocate everyone on the map. Finally Peely Party makes everyone look like banana mascot Peely for a short time.

It’s not the first battle royale to introduce a this sort of mode in the past few weeks , of course. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War introduced the similarly-themed Double Agent mode in its own recent Season 5 update. It’s probably worth noting too that Among Us isn’t the first game to do social deduction, being itself a riff on classic party game Werewolf.  (Incidentally Among Us will also be hitting PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 later this year.)

Fortnite Impostors goes live today in the game on basically everything. Check out the trailer for the new mode for yourself down below.


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