Epic Games to release another free Fortnite skin; more details inside

Epic Games to release another free Fortnite skin; more details inside
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Epic Games has released many free Fortnite skins over the past few years. Some of these skins were available during limited-time events, while others appeared in the Item Shop. Epic has also released a couple of exclusive skins for Fortnite’s Refer-A-Friend program.

According to leakers, the video game developer is working on releasing another free skin. The skin will be part of the Refer-A-Friend program and will likely be available for at least six months. This is a new variant of an existing skin, and considering how popular it is, many players will look forward to adding it to their lockers.

Here’s everything we know about the free Fortnite skin so far.

How to unlock free Fortnite skin

According to iFireMonkey and a few other reputable Fortnite leakers, Epic Games will soon release another free Fortnite skin. The skin is a new take on the Madcap outfit, a popular item first released in January 2022.

In addition to the skin, players will also be able to unlock a back bling, banner, emote, pickaxe, and spray. At the moment, the release date of the next Refer-A-Friend program is unknown. However, once it goes live, players will be able to find more information about it on Fortnite’s official website.

The first Refer-A-Friend event in Fortnite was released in October 2021. It included six cosmetic rewards, with the Rainbow Racer skin being the main one. The second event began in July 2022 and ended in early 2023. Players who participated in it were able to unlock the Xander outfit and four other cosmetics.

For the next event, players will have to play at least 60 minutes in Duos game mode with the person who refers them. Additionally, each player will have to get 50 eliminations and gain 60 account levels from the moment they enroll in the event.

Considering that Refer-A-Friend is seemingly an annual event, we expect it to be released within a few weeks.