Nintendo has announced that Wii action side-scroller FlighSmash will be released in Europe on November 19 complete with bundled Wii Remote Plus.

When the tropical Suthon Island is invaded by the evil Omminus, ball-shaped hero, Zip, is summoned to save the day.

Players must use the Wii Remote Plus to accurately fling Zip at particular angles to smash objects, such as enemies or bricks, or travel down corridors. Left handed players can flip the game and position Zip on the left side of the screen - scrolling left to right.

You and a friend can team up using an additional Wii Remote Plus (or Wii Remote with Wii MotionPlus accessory) with the second player controlling Zip's friend, Pip. There are also eight unlockable mini-games and eight extra levels to discover - all playable by one or two players.

Nintendo has done well with bundling in the past - Wii Play, Mario Kart, Link's Crossbow Training - so we expect the value of the Wii Remote Plus and game to be hard for consumers to pass up this holiday. It will, however, face competition from the Wii Party bundle witch features a standard Wii Remote.