by on Oct 16, 2020

Final Fantasy VII & Final Fantasy VIII Remasters get a physical release on Nintendo Switch

Square Enix has announced a pair of classic RPGs are coming for the Nintendo Switch later this year in the form of a twin pack physical release for Final Fantasy VII‘s remaster and Final Fantasy VIII Remastered.

The pack will consist of the recent remasters of both titles, which not only adds high resolution textures, but includes additional features such as a 3x Speed Mode, the ability to turn off random encounters and a Battle Enhancement mode for both games which allow you to max out your HP and ATB bars and allow you to trigger limit breaks in Final Fantasy VIII at any time.

On top of all this, a phsyical boxed release for Final Fantasy VIII: Remastered is also on the cards, allowing you to pick up Squall’s adventure in the shops on the same day as the physical release of the Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII Twin Pack on Nintendo Switch — December 4.

As a reminder, the next scheduled Final Fantasy title will be Final Fantasy XVI, set to release exclusively for the PlayStation 5 next year.


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