Final Fantasy 16 fans are begging players to play the side quests

Final Fantasy 16 fans are begging players to play the side quests
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Since last month, Final Fantasy 16’s release, players have been exploring all the game has to offer. However, some fans are begging players to do the Final Fantasy 16 side quests, as in some cases major plot elements will remain a complete mystery to those who opt to give them a miss.

While one player noted they were initially led to believe the side quests in Final Fantasy 16 were nothing more than fetch quests, they couldn’t have been more wrong. They said, “The side quests are absolutely a must-play. Not only are most of them extremely well written, but it fleshes out just about every character that came in proximity with Clive”.

They continued by saying that playing Final Fantasy 16 without doing the side quests “felt like playing through FFXV without the DLCs”. They noted, without the side quests the overall game felt a little rushed and that so few characters ever really get developed. With this in mind, they urged players to play the side quests as they were a must.

Other players agreed, with user -Megaflare- saying, “I appreciate that almost every sidequest is there to build the world in some way”. Another player also shared players’ sentiments saying, “The game has a completely different feel without the sidequests”. They also went the extra mile by watching 20 hours worth of content, after completing the game, on YouTube only to be “shocked at how empty it felt without the sidequests”.

In our Final Fantasy 16 review, we noted that “At its peak, Final Fantasy 16 is a dark, brooding fantasy epic propelled by a rich, circuitous narrative of feuding kingdoms and personal revenge gone awry, one punctuated by engrossing set pieces unfolding in a gorgeous, sharply realised world”. In more recent Final Fantasy 16 news, Final Fantasy 16 1.03 patch finally fixes the game’s camera issues to the fans’ delight and Final Fantasy 16 players complain combat is “ridiculously easy”.

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