FIFA 23 TOTW 3 REVEALED – Release Time NOW LIVE, Player Reveals And More

FIFA 23 TOTW 3 REVEALED – Release Time NOW LIVE, Player Reveals And More
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FIFA 23’s third Team of the Week (TOTW 3) is set to be revealed today (October 5). As always, we’ve got you covered with predictions and that all important release time information.

UPDATE as of 6:00PM BST: Team Of The Week is now LIVE with the new cards including an 89 Erling Haaland being rolled out now onto systems

We had a stellar FIFA 23 TOTW 2, with Mohamed Salah‘s stunning 91 card being the pick of the bunch.  is gracing as the number one card which is what we previously predicted.

Real Madrid’s Luka Modric also saw a decent boost to 89, making him one of the game’s most well rounded midfield options.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about FIFA 23 TOTW 3

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FIFA 23 TOTW 3 REVEALED – who’s in this week’s TOTW in FIFA 23?

TOTW is now LIVE – and it’s stacked! (Source: EA)

TOTW 3 has now been revealed – and what a lineup it is!

We’ve expected the unexpected but Erling Haaland has received another card (yes another) added into the plethora of cards he has already now!

We’re in for a mega week full of stacked cards – some predictions coming true and others being a nice surprise.

However fans can know that there is a plethora of cards on the way to consider adding into the squad to flesh out before FUT Champions this weekend!

To summarise, we’ll run down the full squad for this week’s team of the week:

FUT TOTW 3 Starting 11

  • ST Erling Haaland – 89
  • CM Milinkovic-Savic – 87
  • GK Kevin Trapp – 87
  • ST Wissam Ben Yedder – 86
  • LW – Rafael Leao – 86
  • LM Timo Werner – 84
  • RM James Maddison – 84
  • CAM Jamal Musiala – 84
  • CB Chris Smalling – 84
  • LWB Jonathan Clauss – 83
  • RB Oscar De Marcos – 81

FUT TOTW 3 Substitutes

  • ST Sorloth – 84
  • GK Zeghba – 79
  • CB Danso – 81
  • CAM Luis Miguel Rodriguez – 81
  • CAM Cesinha – 81
  • LW Trossard – 82
  • ST Fullkrug – 81
  • CF Hotic – 79
  • ST Sikan – 75
  • ST Adeboyejo – 74
  • ST Rios – 71
  • LM Zang Yifeng – 64

We’ve enlisted the help of Neal Guides to give us his expert view on the Team of the Week 3.

Neal’s star Pick
Ben Yedder 86
Ben Yedder, albeit the obvious pick, due to his stats, he has naturally always been a top tier forward, not only in this FIFA but in previous iterations due to his quick maneuverability and 5* Weak Foot which makes him devastating in front of goal.

Improvements to nearly all attacking stats +2 & +3 to both his passing/physicality solidifies him as one of the best strikers in the game for his price.

Polished Player
De Marcos 81
De Marcos has a great upgrade across the board, with +5 to his Pace and a big upgrade in his Defending (+4) & Physicality (+4) propels him to some of the best cost-effective RBs.

Not only is he affordable, but there are also not that many fast RBs which have both physicality and defending in La Liga making him a perfect option in any team. With his high stamina and stats, he could also play as a LWB/RWB in a five back formation.

Under The Radar
Cesinha 81
The player that falls under the Radar is Cesinha, his base card had a 5* Weak Foot & Skills combination which is rare, however his base card couldn’t cut it in most teams due to his low stats.

With the release of TOTW3, we see a massive increase in Pace (+5), Dribbling (+6), Shooting (+6), Passing (+7) & Physicality (+6).

The upgrades now put his card in the real META category, the only issue is linking him, not many options at all due to his League, however since he is from Brazil, he can get a minimum of two chemistry with the correct Brazilian Links. He can also be used as a super-sub off the bench.

FIFA 23 TOTW 3 – what day does TOTW come out

The next TOTW will be released today (Wednesday, October 5).

From past releases , team of the week cards have set to be released on Wednesdays – this has occurred for the past two releases for FIFA 23 beginning with pre-season Week 1 into Week 2 last week.

FIFA 23 TOTW 3 Release Time – what time does it go live?

FIFA 23’s TOTW 3 will be revealed at around 6 PM, as per usual. At that point, the cards will go live and you’ll be able to use them.

UPDATE as of 6:00PM BST: Team Of The Week is now LIVE Cards should be able to accessible now!

FIFA 23 TOTW 2 – who’s still available to grab?

TOTW 2 was a great showcase of players. Primarily a promotional launch highlighting the best international performances – we saw Mohamed Salah get his first inform card!

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FIFA 23 TOTW 3 Predictions – who’s in this week’s FUT 23 TOTW?

At the time of this writing, these were strictly predictions – so take them with a grain of salt for your engagement!

With the player reveals, we have a few predictions as to who may be the featured players to hit this week’s market – with some obvious choices to crop out.

This week, compared to last week will focus on domestic games. TOTW 2 focused primarily on the international break which saw players like Mohamed Salah receive their first card.

So without further ado, here are our predictions for this week’s team of the week:

ST Erling Haaland

Erling Haaland predicted FIFA 23 TOTW 3 card
Haaland has been a revelation since joining Manchester City Source: FUTBIN

This was quite obvious, wasn’t it? Erling Haaland had a monster weekend that had just past. Having a dominant display against Manchester United which saw him grab three goals. He even managed an assist, with his ranging cross goal pass picking out Foden.

He looked unstoppable – and we’re predicting that it’ll be reflective off his new card too!

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We could see Haaland receive a bolster from his 88 Rated card to a 91 after his spectacular performance over the weekend, sadly though – this could only just be a pipedream.

With his One To Watch card also live, EA might decide to look elsewhere to not stack excellent Haaland cards this early! Whatever card Haaland ends up getting, expect boosts in shooting, pace and passing.

LW Phil Foden

Phil Foden predicted FIFA 23 TOTW 3 card
Foden has been in stunning form for City – helping them rip apart Man United in the recent derby match Source: FUTBIN

This also comes to no surprise too, Erling Haaland’s teammate Phil Foden has a high chance of receiving a team of the week card.

He managed to score a hat-trick alongside Haaland to top off the weekend’s win against Manchester United and had done so in dominating fashion. This match certainly stuck out and so will this card!

We could definitely see Phil Foden’s 85 Rated Card get a +1 or +2 boost following the weekend’s performance.

Other Players To Consider

We could being a surprise reveal by the frenchman this week. (Source: FUTBIN)

Alongside this, here are some players to consider that may show up in this week’s TOTW, these could look to be substitutes in the team’s reveal.

  • CM Milinkovic-Savic: 86 to 87
  • ST Timo Werner: 82 to 83
  • CB Chris Smalling: 81 to 82
  • ST Ben Yedder: 84 to 85
  • GK Kevin Trapp: 86 to 887
  • CF Christopher Nkunku: 86 to 87

EA potentially may reveal few TOTW cards into preparation for its launch this Wednesday, so check back whenever they do!

There’s our FIFA 23 TOTW 3 predictions, check back closely to the date of launch when EA start to hint at who’s coming this week!

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FIFA 23 TOTW Leaks Have Surfaced

According to leaks, reveals have began to roll out and we’ve expected some with few surprises too! We could look to see the following appear tonight at 6 PM BST:

  • ST Ben Yedder
  • LW Rafael Leao
  • ST Timo Werner

Some of these were from our initial prediction, however it’ll be fully clear who crops out for the third team of TOTW at 6PM GMT.

FIFA 23 Ones To Watch: Everything you need to know

Are FIFA 23 TOTW Cards Upgradeable?

Unfortunately, no. TOTW is not to be confused by One To Watch cards, which are dynamic cards that change throughout a season. TOTW cards do not upgrade dynamically as they are weekly promotions.

However – this doesn’t mean they’re not very good cards – and for many, it’s the easiest way to add firepower to your squad.

TOTW players are picked based on their performances for their clubs – so if they’ve scored a couple of goals, you can expect that player to get a boost in shooting.

Who was in last week’s FIFA 23 team of the week?

Last week’s TOTW was STACKED

Last week’s FIFA 23 TOTW had a number of standout cards.

Salah’s 91 was certainly a highlight, while Diogo Dalot’s 82 rated card will certainly prove popular with FIFA Ultimate Team fans.

  • GK: Szczęsny – 87
  • CB – Marquinhos – 89
  • CB: Orban – 84
  • CB: Akanji – 84
  • RB: Dalot – 82
  • CM: Modrić – 89
  • CM: Eriksen – 84
  • RM: Salah – 91
  • ST: Havertz – 86
  • ST: Giroud – 84
  • LW: Lozano – 84


  • GK: Pasveer – 81
  • LB: Hancko – 81
  • RM: Traoré – 81
  • CDM: Fofana – 84
  • ST: Raspadori – 82
  • ST: Mitrović – 82
  • ST: Shomurodov – 84
  • LB: Bancu – 78
  • LB: Davidsen – 72
  • CAM: Zwane – 80
  • CAM: Brown – 75
  • ST: G. Rodrigues – 79

FIFA 23 TOTW Card Design

Team of the Week’s FIFA 23 card design

Strikingly similar to last year’s, the TOTW card design is always one to spot out. EA have not failed to bring back the black and gold colour code for these cards.

This year is slightly more louder than last years – this definitely helps the cards look a lot more better to look at though!


What day does FIFA 23 Team of the Week come out?

FIFA 23 TOTW will be released on Wednesdays, typically at 18:00 BST / 13:00 ET. This will continue throughout the domestic season, but expect some disruption around the World Cup this year as many players will be on international duty.

How to get TOTW players in FIFA 23?

The only way to get Team of the Week cards in FIFA 23 is via the FUT market or from FUT packs. They are usually more expensive than their base gold cards.

Are TOTW still in packs?

Yes, TOTW players are still in packs – however a new batch of cards will be updated by 6PM on Wednesday to reveal Week 3’s cards.