FIFA 13 will arrive this autumn without the ability to simulate a dive in order to fool the referee into awarding an unjust foul, and lead producer David Rutter doesn't sound overly enthusiastic about ever implementing such a feature.

"Every year we talk about it, and every year we kinda decide not to," Rutter told "That's for a bunch of reasons, mostly around the fact we get enough trouble with quitters online, and people trying to cheat in one shape or other, without actually putting in features that would help."

Asked how it would be implemented if such a feature was added, Rutter said he wasn't sure.

"Philosophically, I don't know, because we are pretty much opposed to putting it in at the moment," he explained. "Until we've spent enough time figuring it out, same as handballs, it took us a long time to get to the point of putting handballs in, and we're still not happy with it, which is why it's off by default. We can't tell whether or not you've deliberately done it. The nuance of handball is did you deliberately do it? Did someone kick the ball at your hand, or did your hand move to the ball? You have no control over that in the game, and you think the controls can be difficult enough now, if we put hand control in there too- Kinect and that-I'm not quite sure how it'd work"

So FIFA 13 doesn't feature diving, but it does promise a host of major new features which you can read all about here.

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