*BREAKING* FIFA 23 Rulebreakers Team 1 REVEALED – all CONFIRMED players

*BREAKING* FIFA 23 Rulebreakers Team 1 REVEALED – all CONFIRMED players
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The FIFA 23 Rulebreakers Team 1 is out now, in packs with SBCs and Objectives in tow.

FIFA 23‘s Rulebreakers is heavily rumoured to be arriving today (October 14) – with a Cristiano Ronaldo card allegedly on the way as part of the promo. It follows what looks like a loading screen showcasing the promo appearing on the FIFA Reddit.

Just like in FIFA 22, the Rulebreakers promo celebrates players who mix things up with game-changing attributes that transform their roles on the pitch. For Ultimate Team fans, expect these cards to open up a wealth of squad building opportunities.

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It’s likely there will be two squads – the first releasing on October 14, followed by another the following week.

Expect to see Rulebreakers-themed Squad Building Challenges, Objectives, Live FUT Friendlies, and more – not to mention a load of other great rewards.

The best way to earn these players will be through earning rewards and opening packs, there will be there opportunities to earn Rulebreakers though through Objectives and SBCs.

If Rulebreakers does launch, it’ll build on what is already a stellar start for FIFA 23’s promos, which has seen the likes of TOTW, OTW and Road to the The Knockouts.

FIFA 23 Rulebreakers Team 1

Team 1 is, as expected, a very strong side. Boasting some must have upgrades for every players team. The full team is as it appears below:

  • 91 ST Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United) – The main prize of this prom is Cristiano Ronaldo, if you’re lucky enough to pack him you’re set for months
  • 89 CB Gerard Pique (Barcelona) – Pique will be one of the best defenders in La Liga, and considering this may be one of his last seasons at Barcelona he is a very cultured pic.
  • 88 ST Edin Dzeko (Inter Milan) – With new meta being big strikers, Dzeko is certainly set to cause some problems for defences.
  • 87 CDM Kalvin Phillips (Manchester City) – As expected Kalvin Phillips will be one of the best defensive midfielders in the Premier League, and probably won’t be too dear.
  • 87 CAM Nabil Fekir (Real Betis) – Another FIFA, another near unplayable Fekir objective. Get used to seeing this card shape up to put it top bananas with his trust left boot.
  • 87 CB Leonardo Bonucci (Juventus) – Bonucci is similar to Pique, in that he is now very much in the twilight of his career. He is also, now, the best CB in his division.
  • 86 RB Jesús Navas (Sevilla) – This is a perfect link to Gerard Pique and buying these will set up your defence for months.
  • 86 LW Wilfired Zaha (Crystal Palace) – 5 star skills, lots of sauce and pace to burn. Zaha will be incredibly expensive and desirable despite not being too high rated in this promo.
  • 86 Faivre – SBC (Olympique Lyon) – A good SBC to kick off the event, one many people will do, especially if they need to get Ligue 1 players into their squad.
  • 84 CB Ben Godfrey (Everton) – The Premier League was lacking pacey centre backs, but fortunately one more has just been added to the game and will also get good chemistry with Phillips.
  • 84 LM Paulinho – Objective (Bayer Leverkusen) – Paulinho always gets plenty of specials in FIFA 23, this time his first has come in October and can be achieved through objectives.
  • 84 CM Héctor Herrera (Houston Dynamo) – If you’re trying to get some of the MLS heroes in your team then Herrera gets you one step closer to doing so.
  • 83 LWB Przemysław Frankowski (RC Lens) – Ligue 1 was lacking a really good left back option, fortunately we now have and he is incredibly all round.
  • 82 RM Aurelio Buta (Frankfurt) – A great budget winger for Bundesliga players, with great stats in some really key areas.

FIFA 23 Rulebreakers price

Typically, as expected, the FIFA 23 Rulebreakers card will fetch a premium. Looking at Erling Haaland’s price trend in FIFA 22, for example, the Norwegian’s Rulebreakers card reached more than 1,000,000 FUT coins when it launched, but by the end of the game’s life cycle, it could be snapped up for between 20,000 – 30,000 coins.

Casemiro, again, followed a similar trend starting from a high base price, this time circa 100,000 FUT coins, before a gradual decline mid-way through the game’s life cycle, before reaching a price of around 20,000 FUT Coins.

If this trend holds true, then not only is this indicative that other cards may trump Rulebreakers for certain players – in the case of Halaand for example, it was his 98-rated Player Moments card that far outweighed his earlier Rulebreakers offering, but also that those who are keen to get Rulebreakers may be best served waiting a while until prices begin to drop.

How long will FIFA 23 Rulebreakers last?

As mentioned briefly above, Rulebreakers is almost certain to last for almost two weeks – which means it could well replace the Ultimate Scream promo.

If this is true, it will ride over to Halloween and will officially be the Halloween promo for this year’s FIFA. It has been a long-time since we last saw the Ultimate Scream promo, which is a big shame considering the uniqueness of the cards.

Luckily, with it being two weeks means there’s opportunity more cards get added down the line!

Everything from here down is from the leaks and our prediction from before the event launched, but it still makes for some interesting reading.

FIFA 23 Rulebreakers Fan Reactions

It seems like FIFA 23 fans are having a whale of a time on Twitter. Rather than chatting about the new Rulebreakers drops, some fans decided to complain about the overall problems they’ve been having with the game.

Many fans complained that FIFA 23 has incredibly buggy servers. According to these irate players, they’ve experience numerous accounts of their games being ended before they were ready, ruining their playing experience.

Other fans complained about the constant release of promos, saying it was making the feature less special.

FIFA 23 Rulebreakers Team 1 leaks

If popular Twitter leaker FUT Sheriff is to be believed the headline Rulebreakers card will be Cristiano Ronaldo. If this card is exists it will be one of the best, and most desirable cards in the whole game.

If the rumour is to be true, this would be Ronaldo’s first promo card in FIFA 23 and what a great opportunity to add it in!

Alongside this, these are the updated leaks that are potentially coming to this Friday’s promo. If they turn out to be accurate, expect pretty hefty boosts in key stats for the below players:

  • LW Wilfried Zaha (Crystal Palace) – the 29-year-old seems to have been around forever. He started the season well and has four goals to his name, including a brace against Aston Villa but is yet to score recently. Still, a player who is capable of magic and well worthy of a Rulebreaker card
  • CAM Nabil Fekir (Real Betis) – Another maverick capable of magic, but the 29-year-old is still to find his scoring boots this season.
  • RB Jesus Navas (Sevilla) – The Sevilla captain is always a favourite on FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, if he is In Rulebreakers Team 1 it will be a very welcome addition.
  • ST Javier Hernandez (LA GALAXY) – the 34-year-old is still a top, top player and capable of magic in the MLS. 18 goals in 32 appearances make him a deadly forward who can change the course of a game in seconds.
  • CB Gerard Pique (FC Barcelona) – This is one of the predictions we got right, if the leaks are correct, and because he is now approaching the twilight of his career a Pique special is a welcome one.
  • ST Edin Dzeko (Inter Milan) – Since the return of Lukaku, Dzeko is playing less minutes this season although he has still manage five goals. If this card is legit, he could truly be special, especially when you consider how effective tall strikers are FIFA 23.
  • CDM Kalvin Phillips (Manchester City) – You would be forgiven if you had forgotten that Leeds’ star man had moved to Manchester as he has only played 16 minutes of football this season, he is still rumoured to be in the next promo though.

If the leaks are to believed Zaha, who has been one of Crystal Palace’s consistent performers after a troubled stint at Old Trafford, is set to be a left winger, with a significant boost to his physicals on his card.

Fekir, is always a nuisance whenever he gets a card in FIFA and this one will be no different. Get used to seeing him running off to celebrate against you.

Finally, Hernandez, will see some nice boosts to shooting, most likely if he’s one of the cards. He is never the most popular of players in the game, though, so if you’re looking for a bargain, he may well be it. His base card can be snapped up for fewer than 1,000 coins.

FIFA 23 Rulebreakers Team 1 Players Prediction

FIFA’s Rulebreakers promo is a unique mix of players who can receive boosts in areas not typical to their play style. An example last year would be Casemiro, a defensive midfielder, who received an increase to his shooting by more than 10 points to 86 – making him deadly in-front of goal!

The idea here is that players get boosts in stats that ultimately change their entire game. This unlocks new ways to play with them – and opens up a ton of options when it comes to Squad Building Challenges.

Last year, there was no goalkeeper in the Rulebreakers team 1, and we expect the same again because this promo is predominantly an outfield team.

Here is who we think will feature in Team 1:

  • CB Eder Militao – Real Madrid: An odd omission for last week’s TOTW after scoring the winner for Real Madrid, whilst also keeping a clean sheet. This is why we think he is likely to feature here.
  • CB Gerard Pique – Barcelona: A very highly rated defender with good stats, but incredibly slow. A pace boost will make him much better, and is why we think he would be a good pick for Rulebreakers Team 1.
  • RB Jesus Navas – Sevilla: We imagine they will most likely nerf Navas’ dribbling slightly in this event whilst boosting everything else, making him the complete fullback.
  • CDM Kalvin Phillips – Manchester City: We are expecting the Manchester City new signing after the recent leaks that suggest he will be included. Once he is in, he will easily be the best English CDM in the game.
  • CAM Nabil Fekir – Real Betis: Fekir will most likely have his dribbling nerfed in order to boost his other stats like shooting and pace. On FIFA 22 his early special was unbelievable , to stand to reason if he features in the Rulebreakers Team 1, it’ll be the same.
  • ST Edin Dzeko – Inter Milan: He may just be a back up now at Inter Milan, but due to how good tall strikers are in FIFA 23, he will be a must have for any player using a Serie A team. 
  • CF Franck Ribery – Salernitana: A player who is always amazing on FIFA, once he has a promo, it would also be a great addition to Serie A who could use some extra quality.
  • ST Cristiano Ronaldo – Manchester United: Ronaldo is one of the players we have seen leaked, so it is pretty nailed on he will feature. He will be the main prize of Rulebreakers Team 1 and a must have player.
  • LW Wilfired Zaha – Crystal Palace: Much like Hakimi, Zaha has pace to burn so we imagine this will be the attribute that is downgraded for this event. The outcome will most likely be the best winger in the Premier League.
  • ST Javier Hernandez – LA Galaxy: Another player we have seen leaked for the upcoming promo. He may have poor chemistry links, but there are some good heroes in the MLS so he could be a great bargain buy when paired with someone like Landon Donavon.

Rulebreakers SBC Leaks

The Rulebreakers event traditionally has an SBC released, that has players choosing between two different types of the same player. In this years Rulebreakers event, leaks are pointing towards this card being Real Madrid’s Austrian CB David Alaba. 

If this is to be believed then he could be an incredible card to earn this early in the game, he is so good on the ball and already 86 rated. This card is one to be excited for. 

We are also expecting to see an SBC for Faivre at some point during the promo. A French winger, in Ligue 1 is always welcome when trying to build hybrid squads, so expect him to be popular.

FIFA 23 Rulebreakers release date prediction

FutSheriff has strongly hinted that Rulebreakers is the next promo – and if that’s the case, it’ll be landing on October 14 – slightly earlier than FIFA 22’s Rulebreakers, which kicked off on October 29.

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Given as FIFA 23’s RTTK promo is nearing it is end of being available, we could see the Rulebreakers promo as early as this Friday, October 14th. It’ll run for two weeks, with the promotion ending around October 28 – plenty of time to get your hands on these new cards.

FIFA 23 Rulebreakers release time prediction

Last year, this promo released around 6PM BST on October 29th for the first team of Rulebreakers.

This year, as expected, EA usually rolls out content around 6PM – we need only look at the prior promos and Team of the Week to support this.

Given this information, we predict the FIFA 23 Rulebreakers promo will launch at 6PM BST / 1PM ET / 10AM ET.

Who was in FIFA 22 Rulebreakers?

Here’s who was in FIFA 22’s Rulebreakers Team 1.

  • Erling Haaland
  • Denis Zakaria
  • David Silva
  • Casemiro
  • Christopher Nkunku
  • Trent Alexander-Arnold
  • Renaud Ripart
  • Tom Barkhuizen
  • Ilkay Gundogan
  • Frank Onyeka
  • Antonio Rudiger
  • Ousmane Dembele
  • Michail Antonio
  • Moussa Diaby
  • Marko Arnautovic
  • Sebastian Coates
  • Dante

FIFA 23 Rulebreakers FAQ

Are FIFA 23 Rulebreakers dynamic?

No. Unlike Ones To Watch, these cards are not upgradeable and get a one-time upgrade from when they’re released into the market.

How long does FIFA 23 Rulebreakers last?

Rulebreakers will last two weeks, most likely replacing Ultimate Scream as the Halloween promo. It’s expected that this promo will have a batch of two teams.