FIFA 23 how to score penalties – TIPS from a FIFA pro

FIFA 23 how to score penalties – TIPS from a FIFA pro
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FIFA 23 is here, it’s finally time to start taking on the world in Ultimate Team.

To make sure you’re as prepared as possible, we’ve teamed up with FIFA expert and EA Game Changer Neal Guides – who has had plenty of hands-on time with the game, to give you invaluable tips and tricks to give you an edge in FIFA 23.

Remember, if you’re a member of EA Play you can currently access the game for 10-hours before buying it. The FIFA 23 Web App is also live for those looking to manage their Ultimate Team on the move.

Today’s lesson… penalties.

How to score penalties in FIFA 23

Penalties is one of the set pieces that has been revamped this year. In contrast to last year, there is no aiming reticle and there is now a “composure ring”.

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The composure ring expands and contracts depending on the penalty kick takers composure stat. The key is to shoot the penalty, when the composure ring is at the smallest which gives you the greatest accuracy and power.

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Aiming the Penalty is quite simple, although there is no visible reticle like in last year’s game, it still exists.

Think of it as an invisible reticle, you can still move the reticle with the Left Analog Stick, but the aim is fixed, and does not snap back to the centre.

For example, if you move your Left Analog stick to the top left, and let go, the aim will stay at the top left.

Neal’s Top Tip

When taking a penalty, to aim for a corner, whether that is top left, or bottom right, they key is to aim for the corner of the goal.

Once you have selected a corner, the key is to shoot the penalty just below maximum power (around 90%). You will almost always get the shot on target, if you shoot the penalty when the composure ring is smallest.

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This way you can keep the ball on target, and you can shoot a high powered shot that goalkeepers can’t save, even if they dive the correct direction.

Another top tip is to load the power first, when the composure ring is at the smallest point, and then aim your shot after the run up, as this can disguise your players “head movement” which sometimes gives a tell on which direction you are aiming at.

Ready to take on Ultimate Team? Make sure you’ve not missed our FIFA 23 Web App and Companion App explainer, which again, can help give you a head start. For more tips make sure to follow Neal on Twitter and Instagram


FIFA 23 penalties FAQ

Are there penalties in FIFA 23?

Yes, although the mechanics have once again been changed by EA in FIFA 23. The biggest change is there is no visible reticule. It is still there, just invisible. To maximize success, always aim for the corners and have power at around 90%.