To the surprise of very few, FIFA 18 is top of the UK charts this week after launching last Friday, but apparently wasn't that popular among owners of the Nintendo Switch.

Almost two thirds of those that bought EA's latest football sim purchased the PlayStation 4 version, with 37% of copies sold to Xbox One owners. As GamesIndustry points out, this year's FIFA came out on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, so it's likely that the Switch edition accounts for less than 3% of the overall sales.

Launch week sales numbers are also down 25%, but it's difficult to tell why that is, right now. In all likelihood it's due to the rising popularity of digital marketplaces, rather than interest dwindling in the series, though. Plus, FIFA 18 released on a Friday instead of the normal mid-week launch the series has had worldwide since FIFA 16, so less days is naturally going to turn into lower numbers.

FIFA 18 on Switch has received a lot of flack from people due to how many features it's missing compared to other versions: there's no Journey mode, no Squad Battles in FUT, no transfer negotiations in Career Mode. Time will tell whether everyone who bought it on the Nintendo hybrid purchased it via the eShop, but it's not looking great at this early stage.

FIFA 18 is out on PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Switch.

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